More information on using the SoftLayer API to create or delete credentials, check capacity usage, retrieve a UUID, and other account functions can be found at the SoftLayer Development Network.

Example script to retrieve an account ID

import SoftLayer
import pprint as pp

# set known ids as variables
customer_account_id = {account_id}
my_cos_account_name = "{account_name}"
username = "{username}"
api_key = "{api_key}"

# create a softlayer client
client = SoftLayer.create_client_from_env(username=username,

# get the customer account information
account_info = client['SoftLayer_Account'].getObject(

# get the list of accounts
cos_accounts = account_info.get("hubNetworkStorage")

# iterate over the list to find the storage account name
my_storage_account = (
    item for item
    in cos_accounts
    if item["username"] == my_cos_account_name).next()

# get the "id" for the storage account
my_cos_account_id = my_storage_account["id"]

# fetch the credentials
credentials = client[

print "Account %s has an ID of %s," % (my_cos_account_name, my_cos_account_id)
print "and can be accessed with the following credentials:"