IBM Cloud is unifiying PaaS and IaaS under Bluemix, and there are multiple ways to create accounts that can order IBM COS.

Understanding IBM Cloud platform

Until recently, IBM offered Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service in two distinct environments: Bluemix and SoftLayer. Bluemix provides a robust application development platform with direct access to cutting edge IBM technologies and DevOps services. SoftLayer provides access to infrastructure services, such as bare metal or virtual servers, data storage, and networking.

Now these lines are dissolving as we integrate the SoftLayer infrastructure offerings into the Bluemix catalog of services. Existing SoftLayer customers are encouraged to take advantage of using an IBMid for single-sign-on authentication, and it is possible to link existing SoftLayer and Bluemix accounts. As of October 2016, SoftLayer is transitioning to the new name Bluemix Infrastructure, and computing, storage, networking services are provided through both the Bluemix catalog and (for a time) the SoftLayer website.

Creating a new Bluemix account

Before ordering a new IBM COS Cross-Region storage account, it is necessary to create a customer account first.

  1. Go to and click on the Create a Free Account button.
  2. Fill out the form, providing your email address, name, region, and phone number. Choose a password.
  3. Follow the link provided by the confirmation email, and follow the links to log in to Bluemix.
  4. Before using Bluemix, you need to set up a basic development environment. Choose a region based on your geographic location, and choose a name for your organization. Don’t worry about being perfect - you can change it or create new organizations later. Follow the Create link.
  5. Now you need to name your first development space. Again, this can be changed at any time. After you’ve chosen a name, follow the Create link.
  6. Follow the I’m Ready link to get started with Bluemix.
  7. Ordering infrastructure services requires upgrading to a Pay-As-You-Go account. Upgraded accounts still receive runtime and service allowances, and are only charged for resources used. Go to the Bluemix catalog, and follow the link for Cloud Object Storage - S3 API.
  8. Follow the Upgrade link.
  9. Fill out the Contact and Billing information forms, check the box to acknowledge Cloud Service terms, and follow the Submit Order link.
  10. Follow the Done link, and wait for an email confirming your account upgrade.
  11. Next up is ordering a new object storage account!

Creating a new SoftLayer account

  1. Got to and choose Products & Services > Object Storage from the top menu.
  2. Follow the Order Now link.
  3. Choose Cloud Object Storage - S3 API and then follow the Add to Order link.
  4. Fill out the Contact and Billing information forms, check the box to acknowledge Cloud Service terms, and follow the Submit Order link. Note that the location indicated in the order form is unrelated to the location or endpoint used to store or connect to your data.
  5. You will receive an email indicated that the order is under review. This may take some time.

Creating a new storage account

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to the object storage page, by clicking Storage > Object Storage in the Navigation menu.
  3. Click the order object storage link on the top right to open the order menu.
  4. Select IBM Cloud Object Storage in the Storage Type menu.
  5. Click Continue and complete the order after accepting the Master Service Agreement. The new object storage account will be provisioned momentarily and will show up in the objects list when it is done.