Information stored with IBM COS Cross-Region is encrypted and dispersed across three geographic regions (Dallas, San Jose, and Washington, DC) and accessed through an implementation of the S3 API. This is the first offering that makes use of the distributed storage technologies provided by IBM’s Cloud Object Storage System.

Standard Cross-Region service provides higher durability and availability than using a single region at the cost of slightly higher latency. If a given data center is unavailable, the object store continues to function without impediment, and any missed changes are applied when the data center comes back online.

Developers use IBM COS’s implementation of the S3 API to interact with their storage accounts. This documentation provides support to get started with provisioning accounts, to create buckets, to upload objects, and to use a reference of common API interactions. This offering is managed through the IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly SoftLayer) Control portal.

About this documentation

This documentation is for anyone interested in learning about how to use IBM COS Cross-Region to manage unstructured data IO in their applications.

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